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About Cindy Vega

Cindy Vega is a psychic medium who has years of experience guiding people through readings

Brooklyn native Cindy Vega is a psychic medium who has hosted séances, given extensive personal readings, and developed and co-hosted the supernatural themed podcast, “The Third Eye Mind.” Long aware of her connection to the spiritual world, Cindy began to further explore her abilities as a medium in 2010 through psychic development classes. She found that she loved sharing her knowledge with others and appreciated being trusted with their stories. Today she is a certified intuitive consultant and specializes in the practice of psychometry, which involves holding the object of a client and relaying messages from their spirits. She is generally consulted by individuals seeking to know more about their love lives, their health, or their careers, as well as people who may want to connect with a relative or loved one who has passed on.  While working on her podcast, which explored a wide variety of topics, ranging from soulmates to aliens, Cindy was given the opportunity to better explain to people what psychics and mediums are and what they do. She believes that some people mistakenly judge and misunderstand psychic work as being dark, but her goal has always been to use her gift to help people and give them positive direction when they are seeking guidance or clarity. For those who worry that they don’t receive help from the spirits, Cindy offers a relatively simple fix: all you have to do is ask! Your spirit guides will not interfere in your life unless you request their support. Therefore, through her work, Cindy hopes to assist people in learning to be more open to communicating with their spirit guides and to notice the signs and messages all around them.

Private Readings

  • In person reading sessions are 45 minutes long, and are conducted in a semi-private setting such as a cafe, bookstore, or a park. In person readings are limited to the NYC Metro Area.  
  • E-mail readings consist of you submitting up to 3 questions and you can include a photo. Generally, you will receive an e-mailed response within 72 hours. 
  • Live Text readings are done by appointment and sessions are 30 minutes long.

Small Group Readings

Grab 5-10 family members and/or friends for a session in the privacy of your own home. Each person receives a private reading for 20 minutes. This is limited to the NYC Metro area. Please send an e-mail for pricing and availability.


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  • 45 - 60 minute in person readings are $125 per session. 
  • 30 minute in person readings are $75
  • E-mail readings are $50 per request.
  • Live Text readings are $75 per appointment.
  • Love & Relationship Readings are $50 per session
  • Small Group Readings may vary in price. Please contact Cindy for more information.
  • All readings must be booked in advance.  Same day readings are not available. 
  • Payment must be received in advance in order to confirm your appointment.  No exceptions. 

Readings By Cin

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